Fish Food

We have a large range of fish food available for both ornamental and aquaponic fish.

In store the majority of our fish food is available in a returnable 2Lt container. We charge a $2 deposit on the container. For example 2Lt of Red and Green Pellets will cost you $9 and when you return the container it is filled up for $7. This is our way of saving plastic and also saving your money. If you don’t wish to participate in the recycling program we will happily put it in a plastic bag.

Bulk 15kg bags of fish food are available at Perth’s best prices, starting at $75 for the bulk economy. We also have available Flakes, Dried Shrimp, High Quality Skretting Aquaponics Food, Sinking Food, dedicated Marron and Yabby Grow pellets, Ultra Balance, Pondmax Premium, Sekerin, Clearpond Pond Sticks and Koi and Goldfish Premium Vibrance.

If you can’t make it to our store we can post any fish food Australia-wide up to 5kg, or courier 15 & 20kg bags to the Perth metro. Or why not take advantage of our economical flat-rate posted 3kg bags, anywhere in Australia.

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