Clearpond Pond Clean 500ml


Clearpond Pond Clean controls algae in fish ponds.

500ml bottle treats 12,500lt.

Considered safe for fish and plants (if correct dosage rates are used and instructions followed carefully)

Use when algae first appears in your pond, or after cleaning an algae bloom from the pond.

Initially use 10ml per 250 litres of pond water. Mix with pond water in a clean container free of herbicides and pesticides. Sprinkle mixture over the surface of the pond. Retreat after 7 days if necessary at the rate of 1ml per 50 litres of water. Remove heavy algae growths before treatment Ensure pumps and filtration are running and that the pond is well aerated during treatment.

PLEASE NOTE: Woodvale Fish And Lily Farm do not generally recommend the use of any algae-clearing chemicals with fish and plants, as we believe they can potentially harm or reduce growth and health of pond life. For safe natural treatments see: and

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