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Gold Label Underwater Sealer 290ml


For best results clean all surfaces so they are free of grease and algae.
If cold, best to sit tube in warm water for a few minutes before using.
Place sealer directly onto the surface you wish to bond/seal.
For bonding where there is movement (expansion & contraction) of different substrates leave a minimum 2mm thickness of bead between surfaces.
Where there is livestock near the sealer protect from ingestion while curing.
Full cure 24 hours. Initial tack 2-3 hours. Can be painted over up to 4 hours.


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For Clear Gold Sealer leave a minimum 5mm bead between surfaces. For joining liner use two beads 150mm apart and leave to cure for 36 hours at ambient temperature. For a patch run a continuous bead around the edge of the patch and gently press into place. DO NOT PRESS FLAT.
Use a 5mm bead for optimum cure and bond strength. Initial cure 24 hours, continuing to harden up to 7 days. For use on concrete, first use a suitable primer.

Q – Can I actually use this in wet conditions ie rain or under water?
A – Yes. Gold Label is able to stick to a surface by displacing moisture from the surface

Q – Will it cure under water?
A – Yes, as it uses the oxygen in the water to cure

Q – Does temperature affect it?
A – In its uncured state, it does. It will not cure below freezing and it will be very slow curing under 5°C. Optimum temperature is 16°C

Q – I cannot get it to stick
A – Most common reason is trying to use it as a glue! It is a sealant which needs a body of product to work. If you squash the surfaces to be stuck then the area cannot affect a cure. Always apply a bead approx 5mm and gently attach object or liner patch to leave a bead of approx 2-5mm (Do not be tempted to pull it off to see if it is stuck before 3 days as temperature and thickness of sealer will effect the cure rate)

Q – Can I use it to repair gutters, roofs etc?
A – Yes, Gold Label will stick to most surfaces

Q – Will it stick to vinyl?
A – Yes, make sure surface is clean and sound, and abraid lightly

Q – Can I use Gold Label is marine tanks?
A – Yes, there is no difference in performance between fresh water and salt water

Q – Can I use Gold Label to stick living rock or coral?
A – Yes, because Gold Label is an inert, non-toxic product it can be used safely on coral or living rock


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