Mineral Magic – (Pond Substrate, Filter Media, & Algae Reduction)


We can ship Australia wide  – 10kg including shipping is $65 

Mineral Magic Gravel (4-7mm) is available and can be shipped Australia wide.

In store  a 10kg Bag @ $20  (Buy 10, get 1 free)

In a pond its main role is reducing algae growth by absorbing Ammonia (the main element we don’t want in a pond that comes from rotting organic matter/fish waste), which bacteria then convert into plant food.

Mineral Magic will cloud the water (settling quite quickly)  as it clouds the water if will be grabbing onto single celled algae and clinging to blanket weed, on its way to the bottom of the pond,  can be used in  small water bowls, bird baths, a main pond, streams.

Facilitates nitrification/denitrification processes improving water health for aquatic life.

Promotes biological oxidation of ammonia to nitrite and supports the oxidation of the nitrite to nitrate.

Promotes the removal of nitrates by biological reduction to nitrogen gas. waterfalls and filtration systems.



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