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Quick Primer (For EPDM Liner)


Cleans and activates the surface of the liner and thus produces verifiably better bonding results.
Ideal preparation for bonding EPDM rubber pond liner.
Once the surface of the liner to be joined is free of dust and debris, Quick Primer is painted onto the liner and allowed to completely dry. Splice Tape is placed over the primed surface and smoothed down with a roller, the Splice Tape backing tape is removed and the second piece of liner is placed onto the Splice Tape and is also smoothed down with a roller. 
Please leave the join to cure completely for a minimum of 24 hours before filling the pond
Please note both liner surfaces to be joined must have Quick Primer applied to them.

Available for:

  • Click and collect
  • Delivery to Perth Metro
  • Shipping Australia-wide
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