Rainbow Trout – Next Available Late April/Early May 2020


Next Available Late April /Early May 2020

SEE  Below for end of Season  and tips for Warmer Weather 

Float bag for 5 mins max. to acclimatise
Need plenty of oxygen & good filtration 24/7
• Water temp no higher than 21°C, provide shade on warm days
• When in doubt do 1/3 water change
• Medicate/de-stress with pool salt
• Trout can jump – lower water level or net top of pond
• Trout food – High Protein Pellet, feeding small amounts regularly
Pellet size 5mm and then 7mm pellet. Ensure you scoop out uneaten food.
• Trout are carnivorous & can eat small fish
• Harvest in late Nov (weather dependent)

Rainbow Trout prefer water temperatures between 10 and 20 degrees – Death can occur when water temps are 24 and over.
Keep the pond well oxygenated, and well filtered for optimum survival and growth.

The key indicator for healthy Trout is their appetite – if at any time they are not interested in food, test your water, ensure the pump is clear, and/or air pump is working.

If there are abnormal levels of ammonia, nitrites etc, do a 1/3 water change, (make sure you condition the water if from tap), and make sure you have lots of splashing water or use an air pump. You will need to keep doing water changes until the levels are normal. If they are still lethargic and not eating after 24 hours do a salt treatment.

Any signs of fungus, white films on skin or fins, or gasping, then do a salt treatment – See all the info at: https://www.woodvalefishandlilyfarm.com.au/medicating-aquaponics-fish/

If you can’t make it here we can courier Fish anywhere in the Perth metro area only. Please see our Terms and Conditions prior to ordering. Using the drop down menu to select the quantity in the box next to ‘add cart’.  All sizes are available for delivery. If what you want is not noted here, or you are after something specific, please call 9409 9248 or go to the special orders desk and tell us what you want. We will do our best.


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  • Delivery to Perth Metro
  • Shipping Australia-wide


With warmer weather approaching , some precautions to consider for keeping your Trout healthy and happy longer

Sudden hot days and nights are the ones that kill Trout unexpectedly, so please:

  1. Make sure your pump, air stones and filters are clear and running to full flow – don’t think “I will do it tomorrow”, do it now.
  2. If you are thinking about adding more aeration, do it now.
  3. If you think your pond needs a water change, do it now (but don’t forget about water conditioner if you are changing more than a 1/3 and don’t walk away and leave the hose running)
  4. Fill some large plastic drink/milk bottles with pond water and freeze them, putting these frozen bottles in the pond on a hotter day, may just be enough to keep them cool.
  5. Shade over the tank will be helpful too, but keep the cover up high,  you want as much air flow as possible.

If any of your Trout are big enough to harvest, do it now. Even harvesting the larger ones will mean you can enjoy eating them now, and it will leave more room and food for the others to grow to maximum potential.