Water Feature Spitters / Statues


Limited Numbers

Clam Mermaid – 70cm (H) x 36cm (L) x 33cm (W)

Royal Frog – 42cm (H) x 22cm (W) x 26cm (L)

Ariel Mermaid – 52cm (H) x 42cm (L) x 25cm (W)

Chilled Frog – 40cm (L) x 30cm (W) x 25cm (H)

Duck – 50cm (L) x 50cm (H) x 30cm (W)

Elephant – 60cm (L) x 50cm (H) x 32cm (W)

Fish – 60cm (L) x 36cm x (W) x 26cm (H)


Available for:

  • Click and collect
  • Delivery to Perth Metro
  • Shipping Australia-wide

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Ariel Mermaid, Chilled Frog, Clam Mermaid, Duck, Elephant, Fish, Royal Frog