Assorted Mint Water Plant 6 Pack


We select for you 6 delicious water mint plants. They are great as a filter plant, they prefer running water (ie waterfall, stream, spill pond etc), and sunny positions. For floating baskets just plant bare rooted (no soil or gravel) straight in the basket, or you can pot them like you would any water plant, keeping them in shallow depth is best.

This package has 6 mint plants, including Vietnamese mint (aka Laksa leaf), Choc Mint, Basil Mint and Water Mint.

Even though these are water plants, you can also grow them in any garden bed, like any standard mint. Trim regularly to keep a nice shape and contained. Dry the leaves to make a refreshing tea.

Shipped as bare rooted water plants, Australia-wide (except Tasmania), ready for you to pot.


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