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It is always best to visit us to purchase fish but if you can’t make it here we do offer a delivery service via a courier to the Perth Metro area only. Please see our Term and Conditions for Fish Delivery prior to ordering.

Remember Moving fish from one location to another is one of the most stressful events in the life of a fish. You can minimise this with careful handling, but you can never really eliminate the risk of death. If the fish are not coping, they will generally start to show signs of stress within the first 2 weeks, so keep a close eye on them and be ready to respond. In most cases, fish tolerate moving and the introduction of new fish or plants, the cleaning out of the pond or the filter, but any of these events, however, can result in unhappy, sick fish. Signs of ill health are: not eating (in saying that, it is common for new fish in a new pond to be shy and skittish), isolating themselves, hanging on the bottom or top of the pond, and/or white film on the skin, tail or fins. If this is present in just one fish, you can afford to be patient and let nature take its course. If the bulk of the population is acting this way you need to act quickly.

Immunity – If you  have not put new fish in your pond for over 12 months, there is added risk to your existing fish. Fish in ponds live in an isolated world, so when we introduce new living things, the immune system of the existing fish may not cope.  Medications and Salt Treatments are available, but no guarantees.  Best advise is to add a least 1 small fish every 6 months, to keep challenging their immune system

For ornamental fish there are lots of quality fish treatments available. For aquaponics and fish you plan to eat, use of any of these chemicals is not recommended, therefore Pool salt is used to treat them. To read how to use salt in ponds and aquaponics,  please see  Salt Treatment

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  • Western Pygmy Perch

    Pygmy Perch – In Stock

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