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The Woodvale Fish & Lily Farm Team

LilyIf you have any interest at all in ponds, water lilies, water plants, aquaponics, edible fish, Koi or Goldfish then you have to visit The Woodvale Fish and Lily Farm.

The Woodvale Fish and Lily Farm is arguably one of Australia’s best Water Garden Nurseries, with over 100 ponds on display showcasing and selling 50 varieties of Water Lilies, (including Hardy, Tropical, Miniature and Night Flowering Lilies), along with a large selection of water plants, 1000’s of Koi and Goldfish, native Fish, Silver Perch, Rainbow Trout, Barramundi, Marron and Yabbies.

The Woodvale Fish and Lily Farm stock everything you will need to set up and filter a pond or an aquaponics system. They carry a large range of pumps, pre-formed ponds, pond liner, filter options, gravels, water plant potting mix, fish food of all kinds, and pond lighting.

The Woodvale Fish & Lily Farm freely offers advice and information on how to set up and filter ponds and we recommend and use environmentally friendly, natural, non-chemical solutions.

Established 20 years ago, and with many years of experience, the Woodvale Fish and Lily Farm are widely considered the experts on Natural Water Gardening. You will see their articles featuring regularly with the Garden Guru’s Magazine and TV show, Greenfingers TV show and Newspapers.


Calinda’s profile

Calinda AndersonCalinda owns and runs the Woodvale Fish and Lily Farm. She has benefited from her family’s long experience in this field and now together with her team of experienced staff they can confidently assist with all types of water gardening. When asked about what her aim is for her business, she said “My hope is that everyone that comes to the Woodvale Fish and Lily Farm enjoys the experience, walking through the gardens and ponds, enjoying the fish, the vegetable gardens, even visiting the chickens, inspiring people to have a pond, fish or aquaponics and to do it naturally with no chemicals”. Calinda makes regular appearances on Channel 9 The Garden Gurus, you can see many of her videos on water gardening in the library section of this website, Youtube or the

Sharon Verney

Sharon Verney

Sharon has been in customer service for over 12 years and has completed up to Certificate III in Aquaculture. Leaving her Banking career in Carnarvon she came knocking on our door in 2011. A fantastic, caring person who takes pride in offering great service. Sharon is the Manager, and can help with all matters relating to ponds, aquaponics and products at the Woodvale Fish & Lily Farm

Steve Anderson

Steve Anderson

Steve, Calinda’s husband, recently retired from a very successful career as a corporate entertainer. He loves nothing more than being here at the farm. Steve is one of those men that can fix or build just about anything, and has made a great impact on how the farm looks today.

Jim Hoffman

Jim Hoffman

Calinda’s Father – Founder of Woodvale Fish & Lily Farm. Whilst Jim is now retired you will often see him around the farm. He also keeps very busy between family, lawn bowls, travel and gardening, alongside his lovely wife Barbara.

James Anderson

James Anderson

James has been working at Woodvale Fish and Lily Farm both part time and full time since he was 7 years old. James is well versed in fish, water plants, water lilies and all things ponds. We are glad to have him here as part of our experienced team.

About the Farm

Situated at 26 Woodvale Drive, Woodvale WA, 6026

(200m from the intersection of Wanneroo Rd and Woodvale Drive)

Open to the public 7 days a week,

Monday to Saturday 9am to 5pm,

Sunday 11am to 3pm,

Monday public holidays 11-3pm

Phone 9409 9248

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