BioSmart Gravity Filter


Oase Biosmart 18,000 Filter  –  IN STOCK 
Suitable for a koi pond up to 4,500 litres.
Will tolerate up to 5,500lt per hour maximum.

Oase Biosmart 36,000 Filter  –  OUT OF STOCK
Suitable for a koi pond up to 7,500 litres.
Will tolerate up to 8,000lt per hour maximum.

Needs to be positioned above water level, using gravity to return water to the pond.

These filters are flow through filters which have many advantages such as the rich supply of oxygen and high flow through rates. Product advantages are – unique cleaning mechanism, pollution indicator, thermometer, additional connection for mains water supply or garden pump for improved cleaning, targeted enrichment with oxygen in the respective filter zones and sludge drain.

Guarantee (excl. wearing parts) 3 years

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Please note that the outlet for the return pipework is 70mm pipework and NOT included with these filters.

70mm Elbows and 45 degree angles available

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BioSmart Filter

18,000, 36,000