English Water Cress


English Water Cress
(Nasturtium Officinale)

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• Perennial
• Full sun – part shade
• Grows to 50cm-1m
• Edible herb
• Prefers shallow flowing water
• Fast growing

This plant is available as a bare-rooted bunch, not a potted plant.


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Great fast growing, nutritious Winter growing plant. Prefers to be in cool, running water, harvesting regularly.

Watercress (Nasturtium officinale), is a rapidly growing aquatic or semi-aquatic perennial plant that prefers the coolers months. It is thought to be one of the oldest known leaf vegetables consumed by humans.

Preferring to be planted in shallow running water, the hollow stems of watercress will float and spread across the surface of the water. Cultivation of watercress in a small backyard garden pond, hydroponic or aquaponic system is practical and easily achievable.

Even if you don’t have moving water, such as a small stream, a waterfall, a bowl that overflows, or tiers in a fountain, you can still plant watercress into a floating basket. You won’t need to use any soil or gravel, as watercress loves having its roots exposed directly to the water where it can take up nutrients. You can also grow it in boggy soil during winter.

It’s the new leaves and stems of the watercress that are best harvested. Picking these leaves continually during the growing season will ensure strong, repetitive growth. If left unattended, it can reach heights of between 50cm and 1m. It will generally go to seed and flower in late spring. Once it flowers, the foliage will become quite bitter. The seed pods will form, drop into the water and start growing. You can harvest the seeds and use them as sprouts and the edible shoots can be harvested days after germination.

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