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Pondmax EVO Pond Pumps (Plus Low Voltage Options)


The Pondmax Evo Submersible Pumps have been manufactured with advanced technology to provide the best quality pump for your pond or waterfeature.
Suitable for use in many different applications, including fountains, water features, aquatic systems, aquarium applications and aquaponics. Also suitable for use in Marine aquariums.

10m Cable.

EV1900 20 Watts, 2.4m Max H/H – $149
EV2900 30 Watts, 3.4m Max H/H – $159
EV3900 45 Watts, 3.8m Max H/H – $169
EV4900 60 Watts, 5m Max H/H – $209
EV7200 85 Watts, 5.5m Max H/H – $249
EV9200 105 Watts, 6m Max H/H – $299
EV11200 160 Watts, 6.5m Max H/H – $319
EV13600 230 Watts, 7m Max H/H – $349

Low Voltage (DC – Solar Power Compatible)
EV1910-DC 13 Watts, 2.1m Max H/H – $219
EV2910-DC 24 Watts, 2.95m Max H/H – $239
EV3910-DC 37 Watts, 4.6m Max H/H – $249
EV4910-DC 45 Watts, 5.1m Max H/H- $279

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Additional information

Evo Pump Size

EV11200, EV13600, EV1900, EV1910-DC, EV2900, EV2910-DC, EV3900, EV3910-DC, EV4900, EV4910-DC, EV7200, EV9200

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