PondMax Filter Spare Parts


PondMax Filter Spare parts, to suit models PF4500UV, PF9000UV and PF14000UV.

Spare parts available:
Replacement UV Globes (11 Watt for models PF4500UV & PF9000UV, 18 Watt for PF14000UV)
Replacement Filter Sponges
UV Lamp Holder Electrics 11 Watt (for models PF4500UV & PF9000UV)
UV Lamp Holder Electrics 18 Watt (for model PF14000UV)
Filter Lid Tension Rings
Filter Lid O-ring
Hose/Backwash Fittings (pack set)


Available for:

  • Click and collect
  • Delivery to Perth Metro
  • Shipping Australia-wide

Additional information

PondMax Spare Parts

11 Watt UV Globe, 18 Watt UV Globe, Backwash Ball Valve, Backwash Handle, Hose/Backwash Fittings (Set), Lid O-ring, Lid Tension Ring, Replacement Sponge BLUE, Replacement Sponge YELLOW, UV Lamp Holder 11 Watt, UV Lamp Holder 18 Watt