PondMax Filter Spare Parts


PondMax Filter Spare parts, to suit models PF4500UV, PF9000UV and PF14000UV.

Spare parts available:
Replacement UV Globes (11 Watt for models PF4500UV & PF9000UV, 18 Watt for PF14000UV)
Replacement Filter Sponges
UV Lamp Holder Electrics 11 Watt (for models PF4500UV & PF9000UV)
UV Lamp Holder Electrics 18 Watt (for model PF14000UV)

UV Lamp Holder Electrics 36 Watt (for model PF30000UV)

UV Lamp Holder Electrics 55 Watt (for model PF50000UV)
Filter Lid Tension Rings
Filter Lid O-ring
Hose/Backwash Fittings (pack set)


Available for:

  • Click and collect
  • Delivery to Perth Metro
  • Shipping Australia-wide

Additional information

PondMax Spare Parts

Quartz Sleeve O-ring, Quartz Sleeve PF14000UV, Quartz Sleeve PF4500UV, Quartz Sleeve PF9000UV, UV Lamp Holder 36 Watt, UV Lamp Holder 55 Watt, 11 Watt UV Globe, 18 Watt UV Globe, Backwash Ball Valve, Backwash Handle, Hose/Backwash Fittings (Set), Lid O-ring, Lid Tension Ring, Replacement Sponge BLUE, Replacement Sponge YELLOW, UV Lamp Holder 11 Watt, UV Lamp Holder 18 Watt