Round Ponds


Fibreglass Ponds are not freestanding, they need to be buried in ground, or well supported by a frame

Poly Round Ponds can be freestanding

Photos are indicative only, and not all accurate to the individual pond.All fibreglass ponds require support when positioned above ground, otherwise ideally buried in the ground.

Measurements in millimeters

Please note we do not keep all ponds in store at all times, therefore some ponds need to be ordered in. Depending on which pond it is, it normally takes about 1-5 business days to get in. We will advise you if this is the case.

Note: Fibreglass ponds often have visual defects, particularly on rim edges, from moulding. This does not affect the structure of the ponds.

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Additional information

Round Ponds

Fibreglass 1150 Ø x 180 – 185lt (Small Shallow Round), Fibreglass 1150 Ø x 220 – 225lt (Small Standard Round), Fibreglass 1150 Ø x 410 – 425lt (Small Deep Round), Fibreglass 1610 Ø x 270 – 540lt (Medium Standard Round), Fibreglass 1610 Ø x 420 – 840lt (Medium Deep Round), Fibreglass 2200 Ø x 350 – 1400lt (Large Standard Round), Poly 1050 Ø (+35 lip) x 340 – 280lt (Pondmax Round 1100), Poly 1220 Ø x 800 – 900lt (Pondmax Round 1220), Poly 1450 Ø (+40 lip) x 760 – 1200lt (Pondmax Round 1450), Poly 710 Ø (+40 lip) x 350 – 100lt (PondMAX Barrel Liner), Poly 960 Ø (+40 lip) x 610 – 400lt (PondMAX Round 1000)

Pond Colour