UV Replacement Bulbs


It is recommended to change over your UV bulbs annually (12 months is their active life). In the event that there is corrosion or water damage at the site of the lamp holder, or if the unit has tripped the power, do not put a new globe in as it may blow.

Most units have a micro-switch which will activate the light once the unit is put back together, this is to prevent damage to your eyes by turning it on outside the unit (you can test it by pressing the switch with a small wooden object – not metal). Remember not to look directly at it, use your peripheral vision.

NOTE: Do not touch the globe with you fingers, use a glove or tissue during handling.

Some units are Low Voltage (5, 7, 9 & 11 Watts) so do double check before replacing.

Use the drop down menu to see the available bulbs and cost, plus a tape measure indicating the length.

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