Washed Gravel Colour Mix (5-7mm) – 20kg Bag (Buy 10 get 1 free)


Buy 10, get 1 free.

Having a thick layer (7-10cm) of fine gravel across the base or your pond will assist in the overall health of the pond by providing a large area for beneficial bacteria to populate. This gravel substrate will also provide a great place for water lilies and plants to grow.

The gravel needs to be small enough (4-5mm) for fish to be able to move. They will constantly be picking over the gravel, effectively cleaning it as they go and burying larger particles of waste which will be consumed by the natural bacteria that will form within the gravel bed.

As a guide you will need at least 2 bags per square meter.

Dedicated lily ponds or natural ponds with no filtration will require 3 to 4 bags per square meter.

Under-gravel filter systems will require 3 to 4 bags per square meter.

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