Aquatic Potting Mix – 30Lt Bag


This is the potting mix we use in store to pot our water lilies and water plants. It is suitable for ponds as it does not contain wetting agents and or other potentially harmful additives. It contains well rotted cow manure, peat and coarse sands.

As a guide 1 bag will pot approximately 8 water lilies into a standard 22cm square planting basket.

Tip – when potting any new plants place a thick layer of gravel across the top to keep the soil in, then it is a really good idea to soak the potted plant in a bucket of water first for about 5 minutes, that way all the loose particles will be left in the bucket rather than in your pond.

If  you don’t want to put any soil into your pond we can suggest that you use one of the fine gravel (3-4mm) as an alternative. It works perfectly well, but you will need to ensure that you fertilise, preferably with slow release water plant pellets.

Aquatic Fertiliser Pellets

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