Zeolite Powder – (Best for Algae Control – Extra Large Pond Systems)


25kg Bag

Super fine Zeolite powder is used for algae control in extra large ponds, like dams or swimming pool sizes (ask in store for application info). Also used as a soil improver when mixed in to soils and potting mix.

Zeolite is a naturally occurring volcanic rock that is mined in Australia from reputedly the best quality deposits in the world.
It has many varied uses, it is approved organic and an approved soil amendment (Water Corp). It is also used for pollution control and as an odour control for artificial turf.

In a pond its main role is reducing algae growth by absorbing Ammonia (the main element we don’t want in a pond that comes from rotting organic matter/fish waste), which bacteria then convert into plant food. Any plant that has a root system can extract the stored nutrient within the Zeolite. This acts the same on land as it does in water. It basically stores the nutrient until a plant asks for it. Therefore Zeolite helps with the natural process of the nutrient cycle in your pond.

We believe that any and all ponds can and would benefit from Zeolite, which you can never overdose.

When using on land you can never use too much, but work on 2kg per square meters for lawn and standard garden. For vegetable gardens work on 4kg per square meter.

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