Zeolite Sand – (Best for Algae Control)


Zeolite sand available in a 15kg Bag that can be shipped Australia-wide. 

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Zeolite is a naturally occurring volcanic rock that is mined in Australia from reputedly the best quality deposits in the world.


Apply/swish/throw enough zeolite sand into the pond to create a cloud and to coat any algae growing. Repeat this daily until under control. If you don’t see a dramatic reduction within 2 weeks, it means you are not putting enough for your pond, so please increase the amount you apply. It is not about putting a lot of zeolite sand in and walking away, it is about doing it every day with a layering affect, while netting or pulling out any algae as you go.

Ongoing maintenance – use small amounts of zeolite at any time you want to reduce the algae and clarify the water. If there is a lot of Zeolite sand on the base, gently stirring this up will have a similar effect as adding more. Reminder that your pump or sponges may need to be cleaned more often during this time.

Reduce or stop feeding your fish until the algae is under control. Koi and goldfish will eat large amounts of algae, the bigger the fish, the more they can eat. If your water is consistently clear, but you have string algae growing all the time, that is a sign that you don’t have enough fish in your pond, or over-feeding. Filter your water correctly and then you can increase the numbers of koi and goldfish, they will help keep the algae under control.

Have a thick 10cm layer of fine gravel as a base substrate, this will be a good growing bed for beneficial bacteria. You can use a mix of both Zeolite gravel and standard river gravel. Remove or reduce the amount of large stones from the pond, as large broad surfaces in the water will attract algae growth.


Zeolite has many varied uses, it is approved organic and an approved soil amendment (Water Corp). It is also used for pollution control and as an odour control for artificial turf.


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In a pond its main role is reducing algae growth by absorbing Ammonia (the main element we don’t want in a pond that comes from rotting organic matter/fish waste), which bacteria then convert into plant food. Any plant that has a root system can extract the stored nutrient within the Zeolite. This acts the same on land as it does in water. It basically stores the nutrient until a plant asks for it. Therefore Zeolite helps with the natural process of the nutrient cycle in your pond.

We believe that any and all ponds can and would benefit from Zeolite, which you can never overdose.

For algae control you need to disperse small amounts, just enough to cloud the water, regularly until the algae starts to clear. Ideally you would do this every day, or at least every second day, for anywhere between 1 – 4 weeks, depending on your pond. Do remember all ponds are different so application rates and times will vary.

When using on land you can never use too much, but work on 2kg per square meters for lawn and standard garden. For vegetable gardens work on 4kg per square meter.

1.1 Tonne Bulk Bags are available (@ $1.25 per kg) – Email us at  woodvale@westnet.com.au

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