Fish Food Pellets & Other Supplies


Fish Food Pellets & Other Supplies


Woodvale Fish & Lily Farm offers pond supplies from liners to fish food pellets.Our products are of high quality and suitable to your unique pond requirements.



16kg - Floatoing Bulk Economy Floating ( Koi and Goldfish) $75

20kg High Protien Floating (made in australia suitable for Aquaponic Fish and Ornamental) $110

20kg Sinking Pellets suitable for Koi, Goldfish, Silver Perch $85


Fish Food Pellets


 As we offer a wide range of fish species and fish food to suit each fish at each stage, ranging from colour enhancing Koi food,  goldfish flakes to Silver Perch, Trout, Barramundi, Yabbies and Marron pellets.

We offer Skretting 3ml and 5ml,  (Suitable  for edible fish - Made in Australia) , Flakes, Sinking Pellets ( made in WA) , Fully Floating Bulk Economy Koi and Goldfish pellets (16kg Bags $75),  Sekrin,  Fry Food, Marron and Yabbie Pellets.

We pack most of our fish food into 2lt returnable containers,  saving you money and saving on plastic.  As an example a 2lt container of the economy Koi and Goldfish pellets is $7,  plus a $2 deposit on the returnable container. So the first time you buy it is $9,  bring back your empty container and it is filled up for $7.

Fish Foods are availble in small containers starting at $4, through to bulk 20kg bags.

Please browse other pages of this website for detailed information on all our products and services. Call us today for your questions and we will be happy to assist you in any way.  

Pond Necessities and AccessoriesOur pond liner comes with a 15-year warranty. Our pre-fabricated ponds and spills come in different shapes and sizes. Woodvale Fish & Lily Farm is also proud to provide the largest pre-formed ponds available in the market.


As a one-stop shop for all your pond needs, we offer a good number of pond accessories and necessities ranging from pressurised bio filters to specialised pond lights for added effect.

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