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Ornamental or edible, beautiful Koi, Goldfish, Silver Perch, Rainbow Trout, Barramundi, Marron, Yabbies, Native Pygmy Perch and Aquatic Snails. Thousands in stock.

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Lilies & Water Plants

Beautiful Lilies and Water Plants Hardy, Miniatures, Tropicals and Night Flowering Lily varieties. Marginal and Full Aquatic Water Plants. Filtering and Edible water plants.

Everything you need to set up a pond. Large range of ponds pumps and filters. Pre-formed ponds in different shapes and sizes.

Ponds & Pumps

Backyard ponds, pumps & aquaponics. Freeform, Freestanding & Formal Ponds, Pond Liner, Pumps, Filtration, fish food, Lighting, Zeolite & Gravel. Environment friendly & chemical-free.

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Large Sizes available now 12cm plus from $8 each

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