Assorted Best Choice for Filtration & Floating Baskets Plants 5 Pack


We select for you 5 of the best choices for filtration and/or floating baskets. As filter plants they prefer running water (ie waterfall, stream, spill pond etc), and sunny positions. For floating baskets just plant bare rooted (no soil or gravel) straight in the basket. This package includes  5 plants,  Lebanese Cress,  Pennywort,  Water Mint and  Starwort.  The 5th plant will be a double up, of the best in season at the time of purchase.

Shipped as bare rooted water plants, ready for you to either pot, put into floating baskets or position in a spill way, stream or water fall.

Shipped anywhere in Australia

$65 Includes express postage and handling


Available for:

  • Click and collect
  • Delivery to Perth Metro
  • Shipping Australia-wide