Floating Baskets


Floating baskets are a great way to add more variety of plants in your pond, no matter how deep it is. Low growing water plants work best as they won’t topple over on a windy day.

When transferring a plant to the basket remove it from the existing pot, wash off all soil and then place directly into the floating basket.

If the plant is small you may need a few stones to hold it in place until it sets root.

In aquaponics systems you can fill a floating basket with expanded clay and plant small herbs, provided you don’t plant it too deep. This is a good way to maximise space with your system and will also provide a hiding place for fish.

You can also tether the pot to keep it in the same location if you prefer

$15 Large Round Float Ring and Basket Complete 28cm x 28cm x 15cm

$10  Large Round Float Ring ONLY  28cm x 28cm x 3.5cm 

$10 Small Round Float Ring and Basket Complete 16cm x 16cm x 10cm   

$6  Small Round Float Ring ONLY  16cm x 16cm x 3.5cm   

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