Barramundi – In Stock – 10cm


Sizes ranging from 10-15cm $6ea
15cm plus $10
Larger sizes available

We stock live Barramundi all year round in our greenhouse. In Perth you can grow Barramundi outdoors in the summer months. Over winter you will need to heat the water, (we can show you how to heat your water for relatively little cost should you wish to grow them all year round)

Barramundi prefer temperatures between 26 and 28 degrees, but can tolerate between 20 and 35 degrees. If it gets too cold they will suffer ill health or death.
Remember warmer water cannot absorb as much oxygen, so the more you can add the better!

The key indicator for Barramundi under stress is a pronounced white stripe on the head and lack of appetite – test your water parameters, including temperature, ensure the pump is clear, and/or air pump is working. Note the white stripe is temporary and also normal when being transported into a new environment.

If there are abnormal levels of ammonia, nitrites etc, do a 1/3 water change, (make sure you condition the water if from tap), and make sure you have lots of splashing water or use an air pump. You will need to keep doing water changes until the levels are normal and temperature is correct. If they are still lethargic and not eating after 24-48 hours, do a salt treatment.

Any signs of fungus, white films on skin or fins, or gasping, do a salt treatment – See Library –
If you can't make it here we can courier Barramundi anywhere in the Perth metro area. Please see our Terms and Conditions prior to ordering. Using the drop down menu to select the quantity in the box next to 'add cart'.  All sizes are available for delivery. If what you want is not noted here, or you are after something specific, please call 9409 9248 or go to the special orders desk and tell us what you want. We will do our best.



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