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Silver Perch 5cm $4 each or 10 for $30
Silver Perch 8cm to 10cm $6 each or 10 for $50
Silver Perch 12cm $9each


Some handy hints and tips (More info at bottom of page):

  • Silver Perch are a timid and shy fish, if you can’t see them it’s a good sign.
  • With good food and filtration babies can take two summers to get to plate size, slower growth over winter.
  • Optimum temp 24-26.
  • Stocking rate 15-20 per 1,000lt
  • We always recommend adding crushed limestone to buffer water hardness (approx 1kg/1,000lt) before you add, mix or move Perch & after any water changes/general maintenance.  Buy Crushed Limestone here

Recommended to call ahead if coming a long distance to confirm quantities and availability. Very hot days are not highly recommended for moving fish as they may stress.

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Silver Perch are well suited to Perth temperature.

Silver Perch are generally skittish and will hide, the key indicator for Silver Perch under stress is hanging at the water surface. If this is the case, test your water, ensure the pump is clear, and/or air pump is working.

If there are abnormal levels of ammonia, nitrites etc, do a 1/3 water change, (make sure you condition the water if from the tap), and make sure you have lots of splashing water or use an air pump. You will need to keep doing water changes until the levels are normal. Adding crushed limestone is important. If they are still lethargic and not eating after 24 – 48 hours, do a salt treatment.

Any signs of fungus, white films on skin or fins, or gasping, then do a salt treatment – See all the info at: Salt Treatment

Please note  – Translocation License are require for quantities of 100 or more and  for fish going anywhere south of Bunbury.  You can obtained this at no cost from Dept of Fisheries  website |

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