Stand Alone Marron or Yabby Farm (Square)


This stand alone Marron or Yabby Farm contains everything you need to grow marron or yabbies at home.
It includes:
1 x Freestanding pond 1.1m x 1.1m x 60cm (your choice of colour)
1 x 1,800lt per hour pump
1 x Undergravel filter system
8 x 20kg bags of washed gravel
1 x 15kg bag of Zeolite
1 x Mesh hide and netting for the top

It is best to set up the pond and run it for 1 week, then add 10 Marron or Yabbies, then continue to build up the stocking levels to your desired amount. Once the system is mature, as a guide, you can stock up to 100 yabbies or up to 50 Marron.

You will need access to a power point for the pump, which you will need to have running 24hrs a day (the pump has very low running costs).

The system is best positioned in a shaded area.

Note: Not all colours are kept in stock at all times, but we can generally get it in within 24-48hrs.

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