Water Lily Potting Kits


Everything you need for potting up a new water lily or plant.

Includes basket, aquatic potting mix, gravel and aquatic slow release fertiliser.

Square 23cm x 23cm x 13cm $14  Best for all lilies
Round 20cm x 20cm x 15cm $12 Best for all lilies
Small Round 15cm x 15cm x 10cm $8  NOTE : suitable for small plants or Miniature lilies only

Water Lily potting instructions (video below):
Position the crown of the plant into the basket filled with aquatic potting mix, fertilise by pushing slow release fertiliser tablets down near the roots, place the gravel on top of the pot (to keep the soil in and the fish out), then soak in a bucket of water for about 5 minutes. Place directly onto the base of the pond, in a sunny position.
Remember, most water lilies prefer 4-6 hours direct sun, and fertilising with slow release tablets every 2 months when in season.

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