Night Flowering Tropical Water Lily

Night Flowering Water Lilies are Tropical and grow in Perth November/December through to July when they go into dormancy. They will lose all their leaves when dormant.

They are unique as they flower throughout the night generally, opening around 6pm and closing around 10am. The leaves have a distinctive serrated edge and can grow to huge proportions given enough room, sun and fertiliser.
For best results Tropical water lilies generally prefer the following conditions:
* Depths of 30cm up to 1m
* At least 6 hours of direct morning sun. Shaded positions will result in poor flowering.
* Fertilising regularly, every 2 months over the growing season is recommended.
* Positioning on the bottom of the pond.
* Warning – Use of any algae killing/clearing chemicals are often detrimental to water lilies, so please avoid.

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