Waterwall Blades and Light Bars


AQUAEDGE Waterwalls are available in a range of different widths 600mm-1500mm, and different lip lengths 30mm-125mm
UV stabilised acrylic

The Waterwalls will produce both sheer descent and projecting sheet waterwall effects, with options of back or rear hose entry.

For A Sheer Descent you will need a pump that delivers 3000lph at the height of the blade, per meter.
For a Projection you will need a pump that delivers 6000lph at the height of the blade, per meter

32mm female PVC socket inlet

Multicoloured LED light bars can be added to waterwalls to maximise visual effect

PLEASE NOTE : We don’t keep these in store – it generally takes 24-48 hours to receive into store. Stock subject to availability. 


Available for:

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  • Delivery to Perth Metro
  • Shipping Australia-wide

Additional information

Waterwall Blades

1200mm – 125mm Lip – Back Entry, 1200mm – 125mm Lip – Bottom Entry, 1200mm – 30mm Lip – Back Entry, 1200mm – 30mm Lip – Bottom Entry, 1500mm – 125mm Lip – Back Entry, 1500mm – 125mm Lip – Bottom Entry, 1500mm – 30mm Lip – Back Entry, 1500mm – 30mm Lip – Bottom Entry, 300mm – 125mm Lip – Back Entry, 300mm – 125mm Lip – Bottom Entry, 300mm – 30mm Lip – Back Entry, 300mm – 30mm Lip – Bottom Entry, 600mm – 125mm Lip – Back Entry, 600mm – 125mm Lip – Bottom Entry, 600mm – 30mm Lip – Back Entry, 600mm – 30mm Lip – Bottom Entry, 900mm – 125mm Lip – Back Entry, 900mm – 125mm Lip – Bottom Entry, 900mm – 30mm Lip – Back Entry, 900mm – 30mm Lip – Bottom Entry, LED Light Bar 1200mm, LED Light Bar 1500mm, LED Light Bar 300mm, LED Light Bar 600mm, LED Light Bar 900mm