Algae & Water Quality

Algae Fact Sheet

Algae and Water Quality

Algae, what’s it all about? Algae is not harmful, so don’t panic, it is a natural food source, a fish breeding ground, a shelter and provides a good place for baby fish and tadpoles to start their new lives. In fact fish are generally happier in green water, but visually it is unattractive to us,…

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How to maintain a pressure filter

There are many and varied ways you can keep a pond clear and healthy. The Pondmax pressure filter has extra features like a backwash function that allows for easy cleaning and an integrated Ultra violet UV light guaranteeing clear water.

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Zeolite and Spongolite

Zeolite Gravel for Backyard Aquaponics

Zeolite Zeolite is available in a gravel size or in a sand form, it is a naturally occurring volcanic rock that acts as a nutrient exchange, it absorbs minerals and nutrients, including ammonia (fish wastes and the byproduct of decaying matter), it will store these captured nutrients within the cells and will release directly to…

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