The Stunning Tropical Water Lily

Water LiliesWhen you see a water lily flower emerge from the water surrounded by floating lily pads, you will have to agree it is up there amongst the most interesting and beautiful of flowers in the entire world, add to this bloom a luscious scent and you have the truly spectacular Tropical Water Lily.

The Tropical Water Lily grows easily and very well in the Perth climate, preferably in a full sun position, with a minimum of at least 4 hours of direct morning sunlight and plenty of Slow release fertiliser pellets for maximum speedy growth, large leaves and consistent flowering.

Water Lilies are seasonal, with the Hardy Water Lily growing, spring through to March/April and the Tropical’s in growing December through to June/July. There are over 20 Tropical varieties on display at the Woodvale Fish and Lily Farm, including the “Night Flowering Tropicals” they add a striking effect with their serrated edge leaves and different coloured lily pads, from green, to bronze right through to a deep maroon leaf and a hot pink flower.

The other interesting aspect of the Tropical Water Lily, which further differentiates it from the Hardy Water Lily, is the flowers that stand up high above water level. We do suggest that you try having both Tropical and Hardy growing in your pond that way you will get to enjoy a longer season of growth.


Published in Garden Guru Magazine March 2008