Water Lily in a Bowl

If you don’t have a pond, then a large pot or half wine barrel in full sun will be a perfect place to grow a Water Lily. For success the Woodvale Fish and Lily Farm recommends how to set it up. Once you have selected and sealed your pot or container to prevent it from leaking. Place the pot in your chosen, bright, sunny position. Fill one third of the container with very fine river gravel, place you potted water lily basket onto the gravel, continue to fill up with the river gravel, level with the top of the basket. Zeolite is an essential part of this water garden, as it absorbs ammonia and excess nutrients. We recommend two cups of Zeolite to be added each week for 4 weeks, it can then be added at anytime algae commence growing and when you fertilise your water lily. You are now ready to fill it with water. You can add fish immediately, as long as you dechlorinate the water first. Fish serve two important purposes in any water garden as they will graze on any algae growing and consume mosquito larvae. When the Lily is in its dormancy then planting of other types of water plants, such as Water Iris, Taro, Papyrus etc will ensure that your water garden will look interesting all year round.