Koi and Goldfish

Small Living Water Feature

Check out the link to our Garden Guru Magazine article about creating small living water features, perfect for small areas. gg-article-small-living-water-features

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How To Deal With Sick Fish

If you notice any signs of stress or ill health in your fish, use the following information to guide you. Moving fish from one location to another is one of the most stressful events in the life of a fish. You can minimise this with careful handling, but you can never really eliminate the risk…

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Introducing New Fish and Plants into a Pond

Should I do anything special when introducing new fish or plants into my pond? Generally most pond fish are hardy and tolerate moving well When you get your fish home, if in a plastic bag, float the bag on top of the pond for 5 minutes, then open the bag and release. If it is…

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Koi Fact Sheet


Can I mix goldfish and Koi together? You certainly can, Koi and Goldfish essentially have the same requirements and will live quite happily together. Can I put little fish with big fish? Yes, once the babies have grown to at least 4cm, mixing the sizes of Koi and Goldfish is of no real concern, you…

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Welcome to Woodvale Fish & Lily Farm

Let Calinda and the Woodvale Fish & Lily Farm team guide you as you develop your outdoor pond or aquaponics set-up. Select ornamental and edible fish, water lilies and other plants, and learn how to keep your water quality high.

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