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Algae is not harmful, so don’t panic, it is a natural food source, a fish breeding ground, a shelter and provides  a good place for baby fish and tadpoles to start their new lives. In fact fish are generally happier in green water, but visually it is unattractive to us, we want to see the clear water.

What is considered normal in a pond?

A balanced normal pond will have a fine layer of soft algae growing on the sides, up to 2 – 5cm in length; there will be fluctuations of water clarity over the year and fluctuations of the amount of filamentous algae growing.

What to do about filamentous algae (string algae/ blanket weed)?

Think of it as weeds in the garden and pull it out by hand. The Algae Pond Wand is also a good way to pull it out, see in the drop down menu below.

There is a range of natural and chemical remedies available for algae control in your pond. Generally we would recommend the natural product, such as Zeolite or Splosht, if you have fish and plants.

Some chemical-based treatments are considered safe for aquatic life, provided you follow the correct dosage rates, although some plants may potentially suffer.

Chemicals, such as Feature Clean and CleanMAX are only to be used in water features with no fish and plants.

See the range of products for algae control in the drop down menu.


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Watch the below video on Zeolite and how to use it.


What to do about green water? 

Green water is easily managed.

Firstly by filtering, this means pumping the water out of your pond and into some sort of filtration device, be it a plant filter or a biological filter, it will then return clear and clean back into your pond.   Filters are easy to set up and maintain and will greatly assist with the health and clarity of the water, with correct filtering you can expect water to clear within 1-4 weeks, you need to run your pump and filter system 24hours a day and you need to have the right sized pump and filter for your pond (speak to us we can tell you what you need)

MORE TIPS – If you have large pebbles (anything over 6cm is considered large) remove them from the pond,  large pebbles or stones assist algae growth by giving the algae something to cling to, having a  10cm layer of  gravel  i.e. 3 – 5mm size,  will be small enough for  the fish to move the gravel, effectively cleaning it for you.

Algae is a primitive plant that is exclusively aquatic, plant size can range from microscopic to large filamentous strands, colour can vary from brown/green through to bright green, texture can range from slimy to quite a dry feeling.

Algae will grow in nearly any body of water, you can place a bucket of fresh water in a sunny spot and over time algae will grow.

Filamentous algae is seasonal and will generally grow more rapidly in spring and at the end of summer.

Single celled or green water algae can be present at any time, this generally occurs in new ponds during the first 4 – 6 weeks, when filters are cleaned out too often and ponds with no or incorrect filtration.

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Algae Control Product

Algaefix (Chemical-based), BUNDLE Large Net & Algae Wand, CleanMAX (Chemical), ClearMAX (Chemical-based), Ecofix Sludge Destroyer (Bacteria-based), Feature Clean (Chemical), Pond Algae Eliminator (Chemical-based), Pond Algae Wand, Pondmax Blanketweed Blitz (Bacteria-based), Splosht Bacteria, Zeolite Sand (Natural Mineral)