Frog Pond Kit SPECIAL $109


What you Get for $109

108cm x 60cm x 20cm   Cream Half Moon Pond  – this can be freestanding if you don’t want to dig, but may need a little support at the front, with a potted plant, stone or the like.

15kg Bag  Zeolite Gravel – this will be the substrate for the plants and beneficial gravel to grow in.

Water Conditioner – Treat 300lt

Pink or Yellow (Pick a colour) Bare rooted water Lily rhizome – (you will plant this directly into the mineral magic gravel)

15 Pack  Fertiliser – (3 pellets to be placed deep in and  around the lily rhizome)

Vallis Grass Bunch – this is a submerged plant,  (you will plant directly into the Zeolite gravel.

2 x Potted ($9) Water Plants of your choice


Special Kit Price  $109


Once set up after a week or 2, you can add 2-3 small fish to eat mosquitoe larvae.

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