Pond Kits

Choose from our personal selection of small start-up pond kits, great to set up for frogs and tadpoles or a even some small goldfish. These ponds are designed to be buried in the ground, and would be ideal in a position where they get some lovely morning sun, and preferably avoiding the hot afternoon sun.

If you like the idea of having a few fish then a natural filtered pond kit would be ideal for you. You will need power available to run the pump (with 10m cable)

Small frog pond kits include: Pond, zeolite gravel, and 3 assorted (in-season) water plants

Natural Filtered pond kits include: Pond, spill pond, zeolite gravel, pump, pre-filter sponge, hosing, and 3 assorted (in-season) water plants

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  • Aquaponics Pod Kit

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  • Frog Pond Kit SPECIAL $109

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