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Some handy hints and tips:

  • Approximate stocking rate 10-12 per 1000lt.
  • Koi can grow up to 1m length. Despite common claims, Koi do not grow to the size of the pond, they can outgrow small environments.
  • Larger fish need filtration and oxygen, especially in warmer months.
  • Feed once every 2 days, at most. They can happily live off algae and insect larvae.
  • Koi can handle wide temperature range.
  • Not carnivorous, but can eat eggs and fry.
  • Breeding season is Spring and Summer.
  • Can double in size each year.

In store most fish are catch yourself. We can help you if you need it.

We can deliver live fish within Perth metro area.


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Price increases with size and colour and we literally have thousands to choose from. We look forward to seeing you soon so you can select and catch your own. In store fish sizes and prices vary from $3 to $300 each, with every option in-between.